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  • 4th General Scientific Assembly of Asia Plasma & Fusion Association on New Development of Plasma Physics and Fusion Technology, Hangzhou, China, October 13-16, 2003
    • H.Tamai, "Progress in Physics and Technology Developments for the Modification of JT-60"
    • S.Sakurai, "Results and Future Plan of JT-60U towards Steady-state Tokamak Reactor"
    • H.Tamai, "Advanced Control Scenario of High-Performance Steady-State Operation for JT-60 Superconducting Tokamak"
    • S.Sakurai, "Design and R&D Issues of Plasma Facing Components for Superconducting Modification of JT-60"
    • S.Nishio, "Design Methodology of Super-conducting Toroidal Field Coils For Tokamak Power Reactor without Center Solenoid Coil System"