Fusion Plasma Research
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  • 45th Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics, Albuquerque, USA, October 27-31, 2003
    • S.Ishida, "High Beta Steady State Research and Future Directions on JT-60U and JFT-2M"
    • G.Kurita, "RWM Analyses with Ferromagnetic and Plasma Flow Effects in a Tokamak"
    • S.Miyato, "Global simulation of electromagnetic microturbulence based on reduced Landau fluid model"
    • Jiquan LI,"Enhanced zonal flow dynamics and transport reduction in electron temperature gradient driven turbulence with weak magnetic shear"
    • M.Bakhtiari, "Disruption Mitigation using Gas Puffing in the JT-60U Tokamak"