Fusion Plasma Research
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  • 11th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials, Kyoto, Japan, December 7-12, 2003
    • A.Morioka, "Irradiation and penetration tests of boron-doped low activation concrete using 2.45 MeV and 14 MeV neutron sources"
    • Y.Kudo, "Mechanical tests on the welding part of SS316LN after heat treatment for Nb3Sn superconducting conductor"
    • K.Tsuzuki, "Investigation of compatibility of low activation ferritic steel with plasma by full covering of inside vacuum vessel on JFT-2M"
    • H.Ogawa, "Impurity Release and Deuterium Retention Properties of Ferritic Steel Wall in JFT-2M"
    • K.Tobita, "Design choice and radioactive waste of fusion reactors"
    • N.Miya, "Research Activities Using Plasma Facing Materials in JT-60U under a Cooperative Program Between JAERI and Universities"
    • K.Masakii, "Radioactivated- and Low-Z Impurities on the Divertor Tiles of JT-60U"
    • S.Goto, "Transmission Electron Microscopy of Redeposition Layers on Graphite Tiles Used for Open Divertor of JT-60"