Over View of Neutron Diagnostics

Neutron monitor
[Objectives]Measurement of the total neutron emission rate.
[Detectors]U235 and U238 fission chambers
[Position]P-3, P-7 and P-13 sections, in front of horizontal ports.

Neutron fluctuation monitor
[Objectives]Measurement of the neutron emission fractuation for MHD study.
[Detectors]Plastics scintillator detector in current mode.
[Position]P-8 sections, in front of horizontal port.

14 MeV neutron detectors
[Objectives]Measurement of the 14 MeV neutron emission rate for triton burn-up study.
[Detectors]Scintillating fiber detectors from Los Alamos National Laboratory.
[Position]3 channels in front of the horizontal port of P-9 section
1 channel in front of the horizontal port of P-8 section

Neutron activation measurement
[Objectives] Shot-integrated measurement of the total and 14 MeV neutron yield.
[Method]Metal foil is tranfered to the irradiation point in side the vacuum vessel by a pneumatic tube. After the shot, the activation gamma is measured by the High Purity Ge detector.
[Position]P-15 sections, in the horizontal port.

Neutron spectrometers
[Objectives]Measurement of the DD neutron spectra.
[Detectors]Gridded He-3 ionization chamber
NE213 liquid scintillator detector
[Position]Basement under the U2 port of P-10 section.